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A Chelm Story

I am about to give a talk to a Catholic group about the Jewish attitude to the afterlife and resurrection. This brings to mind a Chelm story. For those who don’t know, Chelm is a town in Poland for which Jewish people have a special affection--just about every Jewish inhabitant of Chelm could have been described by the Yiddish phrase: A MITTLERE MENSCH--NIT KEYN GROISSER CHUCHEM, UN NIT...
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Nelson Mandela

When I hear of people practicing hideous cruelty, and unfortunately there are many such stories, I cannot understand such people.  And contrary to much contemporary thought, I do not want to understand them.   But when I hear of Nelson Mandela, imprisoned for 27 years by a regime that persecuted his people, who then forgave and embraced his tormentors, I cannot...
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Welcome to my blog! First post

WELCOME to Rabbi Barry Schechter’s weekly blog.   I will write about what interests me--Torah, humor, Yiddish expressions and wisdom, languages of the Jews, Jewish history (ancient and modern), lessons from my teachers and family--and what interests you, so please let me know.   The pieces will be short (hopefully!)   Rabbis are known occasionally to...
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