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The great Yiddish writer Sholem Aleichem wrote: Lachen iz gezint; doktoirim heysn lachen. Laughter is healthy; doctors prescribe laughter. 
One of my most rewarding moments occurred in a visit to a man in considerable pain whose misery showed in his face. I played a recording of a soprano singing a Russian laughing song; she laughs, on pitch and in time with the music. Very infectious. The man started laughing, his demeanor changed completely. Then he said: It’s very strange. I don’t feel like laughing, but I’m laughing”
In the Talmud (Tractate Taanit, 22a) we read:
R. Beroka Hoza'ah used to frequent the market at Be Lapat where Elijah the Prophet often appeared to him. Once he asked Elijah: "Is there any one in this market who has a share in the world to come? …While they were talking two men passed by and Elijah remarked, "These two have a share in the World to Come." R. Beroka then approached and asked them: “What is your occupation?” They replied: “We are jesters, when we see people depressed we cheer them up; furthermore when we see two people quarreling we strive hard to make peace between them.” On that remark about making peace, the commentator Rashi adds: “By telling them funny stories”.
Laughter cannot solve all problems; but it can dissolve many a tension, lessen the bitterness of quarrels, improve physical health.
Did you hear the one about….?
You fill in the gap. Have at least one good laugh today.
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Sid Sket
Thanks for mentioning "soprano singing a Russian laughing song". I searched for this on net and found this link from youtube "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZtrH24HQ0LA" , I don't know if this is same song that you have mentioned. But it's very nice.

Thanks for Laughter :-)
Posted on 7/22/14 3:24 AM.

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